Week 15- Artist Interview

IMG_1627 IMG_1628 IMG_1630 IMG_1631

This week walking through the galleries, there were hardly any artists to talk to. So I took the opportunity to just observe and soak in all the info that I could from the art work and the artists’ statements and see what I could gather from the art, the colors used, and so on. One artist’s work that I thoroughly enjoyed and was able to connect with was Mylinh Ngyuen. I loved how bright and cheery her work was and how it had an air of hope to it (clearly stated by the use of “Hope” in the piece).

By reading Ngyuen’s statement I learned that she is from Vietnam, and that she first started painting when she was a junior in high school and she loved it so much that she hasn’t stopped since then. One thing I really liked about her work was that it seemed so innocent to me, so pure and full of hope. I loved her use of four leaf clovers and how the words written out were made from a painted stem of a flower. Her work flowed together really nicely and all her pieces correlated with one another. I also loved looking through her comment book and seeing this friendly note from one of her colleagues!

Another artist’s work I saw was Katie Figueroa-Russell and I liked her artwork because it reminded me of the children’s fable, Little Red Riding Hood. In her statement it says that she loves to make people laugh and that she said that “If I could continue to make laughter my business I would be a very happy girl.” I loved how personable she sounded and I love a good laugh myself.

I wish I had the opportunity to meet these two seemingly great artists!


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