Week 15- Classmate Conversation- Sonia Gore


This week I met the lovely Sonia Gore. I learned that she is a second year student just like me, and that she commutes from Lakewood where she lives at home. Sonia is an accounting major and hopes to go to Law School at NYU. She spoke of the process in which she would have to take and she said that she would first get her Bachelors Degree in accounting and then apply for graduate school. Sonia mentioned how she LOVED cold weather and that the New York winter would suit her perfectly.

Sonia chose Long Beach State University because it was close to home and she knew that a lot of her friends would chose to go here as well. One thing that we had in common was our mutual love for Italian foods, especially pasta. I also learned that she loves Chinese food but hates sushi! (Which I understand). Sonia has one older sister and one younger brother and she grew up playing basketball and soccer.

She is an intern at Michael Campbell and associates. She said that she is an Ar intern and this internship will  look really good on her resume because it’s a big company and its a paid internship. Sonia’s favorite color is a silver gray combo and I had never heard anyone say that before. We spoke of our shared love for Netflix and she said her favorites were Orange is the New Black and Revenge.


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