Week 14- Classmate Conversation- Maggie Acevedo


This week I spoke with Maggie Acevedo and got to know quite a bit about her. I learned that she is currently a freshman here and that she lives in Beachside off campus housing, and that she loves it there. She said that it was more like an apartment than a dorm room and she is glad she made the choice she did about moving into there rather than the on campus options. Maggie is originally from Marino Valley and moved to Long Beach for school.

Maggie is undeclared right now but she has a couple options with what she wants to do. She is thinking either majoring in math so she could become a math teacher or her other option is to become an engineer. Maggie comes from a very large family and she is the oldest of five, she has two younger brother and sisters. Although Maggie does not have a job, she seems very dedicated and hardworking with her school work.

Maggie is very active and played tennis in high school as well as swimming and water polo. She carried on her water polo carrier and now plays on the club team on campus. She was saying how she really only continued the sport because she wanted to learn more about it. I learned that Maggie and i have several similar interests, such as drawing, spending time at the beach, and watching Netflix. Maggie is such a sweet girl and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to meet her.


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