Week 14- Artist Interview- Elaine Kuak


This Thursday, as I was walking through the Gatov- West Gallery, I ran in to artist Elaine Kuak. As I was speaking with Kauak I learner that her artwork was based off of the landscape of view outside her window in her old house in the Fullerton hills. KKK said that it took about a month and a half to complete her oil pastel and oil paint creation. KKK uses those materials because she said it creates a really nice texture and feel to her work. She used as many colors as she can, and I can tell that she is also a bright and cheery person.

Kuak spoke of her natural love and instinctual connection to art and just through talking to her I could tell how passionate she was. She said that her passion was “different” and at first I didn’t quite understand that. Then she mentioned that she was alone a lot as a child and had a lot of time to put her imaginative brain to use. I could understand that completely because I know that when my mom is alone, she is peaceful with her art.

The Gatov Gallery show this week was a collaboration for the seniors, and there were one or two pieces per senior. Kuak is graduating this semester and she is applying for internships either for museums or under other artists. One thing she said that I loved was, “Travel travel travel! I don’t care what you do, travel!” another thing I thought was interesting was that sells paintings for money on the side, but that some people give her an idea of what they want and she creates it for them. I thought that was very cool, and awesome of her to do.


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