Week 13- Extra Credit Acitivty- Alphabet Stories and Text Message Poetry

A- alligator, B- beer, C- coincidentally, D- delicious, E- effort, F- fantastic, G- gnarly, H- hungover, I- ignoring, J- jealous, K- kidding, L- laughing, M- maniac, N- never, O- obliterated, P- pessimist, Q- quiet, R- relaxed, S- sauntering, T- tiger, U- under, V- vain, W- win, X-X-rated, Y- yummy, Z- zebra

Last weekend, I ran across an ALLIGATOR who was swimming in a pool of BEER. COINCIDENTALLY, so was my frenemy. It was DELICIOUS to see the EFFORT the alligator took to capture my frenemy. FANTASTICALLY, my frenemy got away, but not without a GNARLY gash on the side of her leg. I hear her exclaim, “this HANGOVER just got even worse, I was IGNORING it, but now I can’t ignore the throbbing in my head.”

One time, she was JEALOUS of me because I told her I got the brand new water machine, but I was only KIDDING, as I was LAUGHING she turned into the MANIAC that we all knew she was. NEVER did anyone believe me when I said she was crazy, but her jealousy of my new machine OBLITERATED any question of that! She is a complete PESSIMIST, and I’m glad that dang alligator made her QUIET at least just for a little bit.

Now I sit here reflecting back on this incidence… RELAXED, by the pool, here comes the alligator again, what a coincidence, only this time the alligator was SAUNTERING. I could see his limp and understood the situation when I see an angry looking TIGER behind him. UNDER the tiger’s belly looks to be a bite mark, in VAIN the alligator comes up to me and tells me that he didn’t think the tiger would WIN, but he did and he said the battle scene was very X- RATED and “yummy” according to the tiger. Then me, the ZEBRA, woke up from the nap.

It was actually pretty difficult for me to come up with a word for each and create a story with it. I know some people loooove doing it and they do it in their free time, but that is just not me. I had fun with this activity!


The third word of the last text I sent the last ten people in my text messages:

her, you, she, gets, while, you, stressing, for, wish, on


She gets stressing on you

while you wish for her.

I really enjoyed doing this activity– and I thought it was an extremely clever idea for an algorithmic art activity. The way my poem turned out could be very applicable to most relationships these days. A lot of times there is a lack of communication in relationships, of any kind, and things go unsaid. With that said, many people either try to hide their feelings and they try to act hard so that they don’t get emotionally hurt. If people communicated more and people acted more mature about people’s feelings, more people could be in happy relationships than being sad and alone (in some cases).


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