Week 13- Classmate Conversation- Kylie Louthan

Today I had the privilege of meeting Kylie. Kylie is a first year student, like many people in this class, and she is from Stanton, CA, which is by Knott’s Berry Farm she said. Kylie is an only child and she said that her parents were much stricter on her than other people’s parents but that she was very spoiled and loved by her parents as well. Kylie said that she was considered “disabled” because she has some type of bladder problem, and she kind of joked about it lightheartedly and just talked about the benefits of it rather than the downside of her condition. One benefit was that she was able to register early this month, before not only 3/4 of CSULB but also before the athletes AND the Honor Students. I admire how this campus is so adaptive for each and every student.
I learned today, that Kylie is a Film Major with an emphasis on editing. She said that she has always loved editing and has always helped her friends for projects, personal or school related, and has always been so enthusiastic about it. Kylie loves all types of movies except for Western and her favorite Netflix series is “American Horror Story”. When talking to Kylie, we spoke about my boyfriend’s similar interest in horror films as well as him being a film major. It was really nice seeing how happy film made her. Along with her future career, Kylie is currently working in a movie theatre in Westminster and she has worked there for three years. Its really cool that she gets to see so many different sides of the film world.
I learned that Kylie isn’t one of those film junkies who doesn’t do anything ever, she said that she played tennis for about six years and that four of those years were in high school. She said that no matter what, even if you are goofing around and playing tennis you have to have some basic skill or knowledge of the sport to enjoy it in the least. I noted how much running tennis includes and how back and forth the entire game is.
 I really enjoyed talking to Kylie and getting to know her, even if its just simple facts about her!

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