Week 13- Artist Conversation- Marty Knop

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At first, I walked into the Werby Gallery and I was like huh, and then Taneshia said, “Aren’t these the ones that mess with your eyes?” and we got to looking, and then to admiring, and then to speaking about the art. Then we walked around the gallery a little more and we noticed that some were the exact same design just with different colors. Then Taneshia and I went outside to listen to artist, Marty Knop.

First off, Marty was SO willing to talk about his work and his process and EVERYTHING and it was so cool to see somebody so proud and enthusiastic of their work. When he began to talk about his process, I noticed something really familiar. I realized that what he did for all the pieces in this show, was our activity last week! He made a show of algorithmic art, and it was genius. He programmed a code into his computer, hat could generate all these different shapes and lines and angles and everything awesome about his show!

I was thinking after hearing him speak, how dang smart he must be. Not only does he know how to program this into the computer, but he knows how to mix the paint and choose exactly what will look best and none of it mixed weirdly… He did note that it was very much trial and error with the ink and the paint, because if one little thing went wrong, it could be detrimental to the entire project. I loved his work and loved the intricacy of each piece.


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