Week 12- Activity- Algorithmic Art


For this week’s activity we were allowed to create our own procedure, whether it be for music, dance, or even just a drawing, which is what I chose to do. I chose to list five simple steps that would create an intricate yet ever-different outcome for whoever would try it. The outcome would be different everytime because each person thinks differently (obviously) and a “diagonal” line to one person may be a completely different interpretation than somebody else’s– and that is why I thought it would be interesting to do it this way. 

My outcome was not as “cool” as I thought it might be. It looked super simple and just like something a seventh grader doodles in his or her free time. Although I wasn’t particularly thrilled with how it turned out, I think it would still be very interesting to see how other people’s interpretations turned out. Whether they might do it very small in one corner or extremely large across the entire page. Somebody could put all the five words in different fonts and styles or they could write them small– any little thing could change the finished product so drastically, and that is what is the most important and interesting thing. 



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