Week 12- Classmate Conversation- Valeria Garcia


This week I met Valeria Garcia, and I learned quite a bit about her! I learned that she is from the LBC and was born and raised here. She went to Wilson High School, where a lot of my coworkers went! I also found out that Valeria has a fraternal twin named Vanessa who also goes to CSULB. AT one point I forgot about the “twin” thing and almost asked what grade she was in- until I stopped myself and laughed out loud.

Valeria is a second year business student who focuses on Finance and oddly I learned that her favorite color is brown. She really loves laughing, just like me and she said that her favorite place for fun in Long Beach is the Laugh Factory because, “comedy is the best”. She advised me to go there because I have never been before, she also said that it was a lot of fun.

She works at one of my all time favorite Breakfast restaurants here in LB, Hof’s Hut and I expressed my love for it. She said that it is crazy working there because it is always so busy. I really enjoyed talking to Valeria this week!


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