Week 12- Artist Interview- Piet Eppinga

IMG_1284 IMG_1285 IMG_1286 IMG_1287 IMG_1288

This week, I walked into the Werby Gallery, and the first thing I saw was a clay sculptrure that appeared to be a woman with very large breasts. At first, I didn’t know what to think about it, then I listened to what artist, Piet Eppinga, had to say. He spoke of the fertility of women and that a fertile figure of a woman is completely about sexuality.

The first two images above are of the 21st century fertility figure. Eppinga said that the box in the middle of the sculpture was a ball that represented fertility as the center of universe, that the fertility figure was all about sexuality and he created it to appeal to what men thought were attractive in a woman. He explained the next sculpture, the third image above, as turing clay into a female figure– that the sculpture is a generic form of female figure. He left it so simple in order for men and women to draw their own female figure on the “canvas”. As we walked around the gallery we then learned that the next sculpture was a fermentation pot with an ancient and Japanese look to it- the circles on the lid represented earth, air, fire, and water.He also stated that all of his art is multicultural because he lives in multicultural society and he wants to represent every aspect of his life.
My favorite piece in the show is shown in the fourth above image, and it is supposed to portray a Father and a son. The son is leaning against father’s legs and represents the relationship between father and sons. Eppinga stated that son’s, “Don’t know affection from fathers so it goes down in generations to not know affection,” and I thought of how relevant and how eye-opening that is.
Overall I really enjoyed this week’s visit to the galleries!

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