Week 11- Activity- Sculpture

IMG_1251 IMG_1254IMG_1255IMG_1258 IMG_1256

This week for the sculpture activity I didn’t think it would be too difficult. But with my intense schedule and hardly any time to find a coordinating schedule with any of my class mates– I was left to doing it Sunday evening ALL BY MYSELF. Which was not fun. I always try to be an independent person without the need for anyone to assist me, but this week it would have very helpful to have another person with me.

Because I don’t live at home, it was very hard for me to find all the necessary tools for the project. So… for a bucket, I used two gallon sized water bottles, a broken dust pan for my shovel, and rather than stirring my plaster mixture, I had to shake it as hard as I could. And I did pretty well! Until, I tried digging the sculpture out of the sand and it started to break 😦

When the sculpture started breaking I started to think about all the things that could have happened in order for that to happen. At first I thought I did;t wait long enough for the plaster to completely dehydrate so it was dry, then I was thinking that maybe I didn’t use enough plaster which means that the ratio of plaster to water was incorrect. Maybe my two theories were combined and there wasn’t enough plaster and I didn’t let it set enough. Also, I was panicking the entire time because the waves were getting closer and closer to my creation and I was going to be very upset.

Even though my sculpture didn’t turn out as well as it could have, I’m still happy that I gave it a shot because it gave me quality time to relax and just people watch.


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