Week 11- Classmate Conversation- Monica Navarro


This week I had the awesome privilege of speaking with Monica Navarro. I learned that she is a third year here at Cal State Long Beach and that she is from around the area, Bellflower. She still lives at home (and gets homemade meals that I miss so much!). She is a sociology major and wants to work with youth and nonprofit organizations in the future. Just from talking to her for the little bit of time I could tell how much she cared about helping people and I realized that was something we had in common.

Monica has three sisters and she is the second born child, I wish I had a sister or two, that would have made my childhood less rough and more pink I think. I learned that Monica’s older sister also attended Long Beach State and is graduating this spring! They both decided to go to school here because it is so close to home and that way they can both stay close to their sisters, emotionally!
Monica is a very hardworking girl and she works for the City of Bellflower at the Recreation Center. She said that she loves her job because she gets to play with kids, run specific activity classes and also gets to learn the office aspect of the job, too. Throughout high school she played soccer and softball and she said that she still stays very active by using the rec center here on campus. Unlike other people who have lived in a beach town all their life, I learned that Monica is one of the few and that she loves spending time at the beach.

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