Week 10- Artist Interview- Dawn Ertl

This week I interviewed Dawn Ertl for Week 10. I learned that Ertl is currently a graduate student in sculpture and this will be her last semester here at CSULB. When I walked into the gallery this week I was absolutely amazed. The piece she created was so large and so intricate I was in awe. She said that her  artwork for the Gallery this week was about weaving wool with a loom. She told us she would dye all the material and fabric and yarn first before she started putting her piece together with a Loom. I learned that a Loom is a machine that helps a person hand weave a sheet of wool. I knew looms worked for small projects, but couldn’t even imagine a loom for the size of her project! All the artwork that she displayed took a total of at least a year to make, about six months for each of the two.

Ertl also included three works of music combined and created together to show her feelings towards the art culture and human fabric to further show her work.  She said that Her art is an expression of the harmful effects of human trash  and litter on our environment– that is why there are trash bags and other commonly littered items hanging from her work. The colors of her work are picked based on what went best together and mood and for the smaller piece–climate changes(which I thought was so clever!) The plastic bags were saved from people she knew and she said that it was nice to be so supported by her friends and family. Everyone that walked into the gallery immediately looked up to the ceiling and looked so amazed, exactly how I felt too.  IMG_1146 IMG_1136 (2) IMG_1144 (1) IMG_1142 (1) 

 Her display was aesthetically pleasing to me because of the color mixture. She used the lighting in the gallery very much to her advantage because it made the colors shine bright and I though it was very well done. She was very personable and was so friendly to all of the students, even when she had to be “the backpack police” which made many of us laugh. 


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