Week 10- Activity- Student Choice



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This week was the perfect week for the “student Choice” activity that was assigned to us. I say that because for my sorority, Delta Zeta, this week is our “Big Sis Appreciation week” and I have had to find my creativity so I looked to pinterest for ideas (which are the above images). I decided to make a homemade picture frame and also a DIY mason jar that I am going to put little notes in.

For this project I need an old frame, wire, cloth pins, a mason jar, a paint color of my choice, and really narrow painter’s tape. I found that Michael’s Craft store was exactly the place I needed to go and the people working there were so very helpful. They told me exactly what kind of paint to get, what kind of wire would work best, and they even told me that you could print pictures to Target for extremely cheap!

The projects were actually much easier than I thought they would be, and they turned out SO cute! I know my Big Sis will feel extremely loved and I know that she will appreciate how cute it turned out. I am so glad these two activities collided so well with one another because it made my life much easier!


2 thoughts on “Week 10- Activity- Student Choice

  1. Hi Alayna,

    A quick google image search came up with these images all over pinterest and tumblr. They were not taken by you, nor do they show the activity you have outlined above. I am going to deduct points for missing images.



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