Week 9- Classmate Interview- Oumar Kamara

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 5.54.09 PM

The person I interviewed this week was Oumar Kamara. Oumar is a second year at Cal State Long and he is an International Business major. He was born in Queens, New york. He lived in New york for eight years and what I found awesome is that he moved to West Africa, Senegal for seven years to learn his roots. One thing we have in common is that Oumar loves to travel and experience new things, especially since his trip to Senegal. He is multilingual, he speaks English, French, and a West African dialect called Wolof, which makes me pale in comparison because I can only speak English (not very well sometimes) and can speak un poquito en español.

He chose International business as his major because he felt he would have a advantage in this field because he has experienced so many different things. He hopes to travel abroad as well, in order to strengthen his knowledge of the world. He hopes overall his time at CSULB will be put to good use so he can accomplish his dreams.
It was very nice talking to Oumar because I have seen him around a lot and its nice to finally put a background to the friendly face I see around campus and around the galleries. I respect his background and his drive to accomplish his goals and I know he will do great in life.

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