Week 9- Artist Interview- Ralph Acosta

IMG_1074 IMG_1075

This week I had the opportunity to observe the wonderful work of two artists in one gallery. I walked in to the Werby Gallery and immediately was completely attentive to nine giant images displayed in three rows and columns with not only vibrant colors, but when you look more closely you see homes, apartments, and living places with their street name. I loved this idea  one hundred percent. I love how artist Ralph Acosta used the space and the display to feature his work.

After my initial awe, I began thinking. Even though he used bright colors to display his work did he always have happy experiences in all NINE of those living spaces? On the description of the work Acosta says, “… of the many homes where I lived… between 1970 and 1980.” To me, nine places in ten years seems a little extreme and I can only think that something had happened in his life to cause him to move so much. Personally, I could only create three giant postcards: one of my home in Northern California, one of the dorms on campus, and one of my apartment that I currently live in. That is, from 1995- 2015. Three locations in almost twenty years.

These were my thoughts before even reading Acosta’s artist statement, which says that the postcards were, “representing the serious issues of my family during this period that were too big for a child to handle” — which explains the size of the postcards as well. I really appreciate how this artist was comfortable enough putting into words what we were wondering in our heads, and that he trusted us with that information.

Overall, I really found a source of respect and admiration for the exhibit in the Werby galley. I absolutely loved this exhibit by Ralph Acosta and it was a pleasure learning about his life simply through nine giant captures.


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