Week 9- Activity- Architecture and Urban Planning


This is my “cognitive map” of the CSULB campus. As is evident, many of the 80 buildings on campus are left out simply because they are irrelevant to my thoughts right now. In my mind, only two parking lots are actually useful to me because one has parking most of the time because it is so big, and the other– unless you get to campus an hour and a half before class starts– rarely has to have parking. If this particular lot does have parking, you have to circle around many times and hope that somebody is leaving the lot, opening a space for you. Other buildings in my cognitive map I have classes in this semester, or the SWRC is on there because I use it daily.

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 8.56.16 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 8.56.41 PM

The USU is the University Student Union and its purpose is to serve the students in almost all aspects. There are food venues, and stations to study, outlets to plug electronics into, there is even a bowling alley. Many people, however, do not use the USU as often as they could or maybe even should. The USU is literally meant to be available o students in order to help them succeed and just make their life on campus easier and maybe even help students spend their time more easily.

I adopted the USU as my building because because of recent events, I know some of the history of it. I learned recently that because it was built long ago, some of the plumbing and sewer do not work as well as they should. There are not enough outlets for students who frequent the USU and in general, it could just be bettered. Even though there are all these problems and nearly everyone recognizes them, the ASI USU Fee Referendum DIDN’T PASS! Personally I supported the referendum and that is why I adopted this building as MYYYY building.


Three ideas I had for helping better the USU are adding to really popular food joints that will invite more costumers and students into the USU. Then, with all of this foot traffic, we will need many more outlets available to students who are now coming to the USU. I honestly think that the USU could be easily improved and that students would appreciate the amazing building we have more if it were more desirable to them.


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