Week 8- Classmate Interview- Amy Chang

This week I talked with Amy Chang, a lovely, bright, young woman. I could tell right away that her and I would get along because she was so bright and bubbly and she was an extrovert, like me. I learned that she lives in Buena Park with her mom and that she is a Communications major, but that she has no idea what she wants to do with that. Amy was only accepted to CSULB and was not accepted to Fullerton or Cal Poly Pomona.
Amy has two older sisters and she participated in a dance program in high school and that she really misses dancing her little feet off. In her life, Amy wants to travel and go with the flow rather than planning every single detail out. Amy wants to have five kids which only makes me think OUCH.
As Amy and I got to talking we realized we have a common love for SUSHI. We talked about how hungry we were and how good Sushi sounded at the time- I’m planning on going to get some sushi at the end of this week as it is all I have been thinking about. We also shared a common interest in TV shows, such as Gossip girl and especially 90210. It was so great meeting and talking to Amy and I can guarantee that that conversation will not be the end of our conversation.

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