Week 8- Artist Interview- Brian Davis

IMG_1015 IMG_1016

This week in the Gatov- West gallery, BFA ceramics student Brian Davis’ senior show was on exhibition. This was a performance based art project and was very audience participative. Brian said in class on Tuesday that his exhibit would be object based with a transition to social practice. He chose to do the BFA program in ceramics because it allows for many materials to be used- earthy materials with a heat effect that hardens it.
He also said that he traveled a lot and stayed in hostels. He encountered many travelers which created an impromptu environment. Brian has a friend in Italy who wants to open an art center and museum which is very cool. Brian said that friends like that are inductive to help makers make- encouraging others to participate. Friends like his try to bring the best out of each individual and what they want to share with others.
Brian has driven across the country and stayed in many various places. he said that he wants to “Show up to my dream announced or unannounced to figure out the ways and how it works.” I thought that was very interesting and then he said that nothing was signed off for this show. In this particular show he is juicing he is sharing his talent and passion with other people, enriching people. I thought that it was very clever that the artists in this exhibit installed monitors so they don’t have to pay for photographer.

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