Week 8- Activity- Remix Culture

IMG_1037 IMG_1040

This week, when searching for the perfect thing to remix and make my own, I stumbled upon a video of a little kid who was not ok with what was going on. I found his face absolutely hilarious and decided this was the perfect thing to remix. Originally, I wanted to recreate the whole video, but technology wasn’t working quite right and I wasn’t able to send myself the video in order to publish it on this blog. Because of that I decided to take a picture of my favorite face the child makes and recreate it.

I has such great plans for this activity I was going to put the videos side by side in order to get the full effect, but once again the technology failed me. I was so excited to recreate “Vines” which are short video clips that go on repeat kind of like  a GIF. The Vine app became a sensation and funny kids like the one above have become viral sensations. One of my favorite vines ever is a little girl after a long day at the beach, presumably, and she is crying about taking a nap. I like this vine in particular because I can completely relate to it and its so funny.

I love how one short video can have one meaning then when put on repeat they can become something entirely different. You can have a kid making a funny face and then you can put a rap song on and make the kid look and appear completely different. Its so funny and so amusing to me. I can literally sit and watch YouTube compilations of funny kid Vines and laugh my tooshie off for hours. It can turn my day around completely.


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