Week 7- Activity- Portrait Photography


For this week’s activity we had to create our own death and had to photograph it. Because I am extremely overwhelmed with midterms currently and for the next couple weeks, I decided to stage my death in front of my computer (which cannot be seen in the photo) because that is what is currently killing me. I imagined that I became so stressed out and so occupied with different things that my life just ended- whether my heart gave out or my brain just exploded.

In all honesty, I almost forgot about this activity- I was planning it out all weekend yet I almost forgot it. I had so many opportunities to capture a better image than this one, but I either was in too much of a rush or just wasn’t satisfied. As it ends up, my finished product was less than satisfactory for my goals for this activity. Last semester, I actually had to take a photograph of someone’s staged death for this course, and it was wayyyyyy cooler than mine.

I really liked the idea of this activity but am very underwhelmed with my participation in it. I wish that I had put more of an effort into it and made it more of a priority in my week. I have been looking through some of the other students activity blogs and they had some awesome ideas. Next week I will really try to involve myself more in the activity so that I don’t feel “eh” about my blog.


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