Week 7- Classmate Interview- Kat Pismenny

To be honest, I knew more about Kat before the interview than she probably thought. I noticed her during class and would always hear her contributing to the class discussions. I was able to learn a bit about her just through hearing her contributions. Kat is a very cultured girl, who moved around a lot as a kid. She said that because her family moved around a lot it was very difficult to maintain a solid group of friends but that despite moving all around she has stayed in contact with a lot of people from the cities. From talking to her on Thursday and listening to her in class I can tell that she really appreciates art and she is also a very laid back person. 

I learned that Kat also joined a sorority last semester but that she made a very good decision for herself. She noticed that her grades were going downhill and fast and that she didn’t want the image that she did, so she went inactive in order to turn around her lifestyle. I love that she had the willpower to do so because that is an amazing commitment. 

She is a journalism major and is trying to change to be a nursing major. We talked about how going to a community college is a much more realistic approach to school than a university. Kat is thinking about going to a junior college to do all the pre requisites for the nursing program here at Cal State Long Beach. She is definitely a people person and in my opinion would make a great nurse. 

I got to see the way that her and Marina acted together- and it was the best thing of my life. They have so many commonalities and they were so friendly and comfortable with each other. I don’t know if hey each other before this class or not, but I can definitely say that this class brought them closer together. 


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