Week 7- Artist Interview- Juliette Angulo

IMG_0942 IMG_0943 IMG_0944 IMG_0945 IMG_0946

This week’s exhibition in the Merlino gallery was one for the books. Artist Juliette Angulo put on display photographs of her sister’s process with the Army. In each picture, she cut out the actual showing of her sister so that her viewer’s could make a more personal connection if they had one. For me, it was amazing because I could see my grandpa at a young age inserted into each and every picture, and it connecter with me very deeply. I never really thought of the idea of cutting someone out of a picture unless it was for “cutting that person out of your life” but this is so that that individual person is physically removed from your life but not mentally or emotionally.

Juliette stated that the photos were lined up and set up as a timeline. When you walked into the gallery, starting on the left was a visitation during her sister’s basic training, then ending on the right was right before her deployment, when Juliette and her sister were getting the final things together. She also said that she specifically chose this bunch of photos because some of them were very specific and just for her personally, but that some of them were also very universal, that others could have the same experience as shown in the photos.

Personally, this was my absolute favorite exhibit that I have seen this semester so far. I love how I could connect personally to it and that I’m sure many others could do the same thing. She was also very easy to talk to and willing to open up to me and my fellow students about her sister’s courage. It was great to see all the students truly appreciative of Juliette’s work, her sister would be proud.


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