Week 6- Classmate Interview- Marisol Lopez

This week I interviewed Marisol Lopez and learned that she is a first year here at CSULB but that she was born and raised in Long Beach.  Marisol lives on campus in the Los Cerritos residence hall and said that it was a very convenient place to live and I though the same thing about the dorms. She is majoring in Mechanical Engineering and hopes to work for the JSC NASA branch. Even without knowing her or communicating with her for a very long time, I could tell that she was very intelligent and very driven. She said that if that doesn’t pan out, she would also be very satisfied working for Boeing. 

Marisol and I found a common interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She said that, “Running laps around a track are boring” so she runs outside and enjoys the scenery. She also takes great advantage of the fitness classes that are offered at the Student Wellness and Recreation Center on campus.
Marisol has a very large family with 4 siblings. She has one sister who is also a Mechanical engineer major at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Unfortunately, despite her brother’s immense knowledge on all things computers, he dropped out of high school. Marisol has one little sister who she said is absolutely adorable and quite smart as well. She told me she has a “Twin” sister who is not actually her twin but is one year older than her. They are called twins not so much for their closeness in age, but because they share many common interests and get along very well.
Marisol said that she hasn’t been able to travel much throught he country and mostly stays in California whenever she goes on trips or mini vacations. Despite visiting NorCal, she has travelled to Arizona and Nevada.
Marisol was so personable and very easy to talk to, from our short conversation I gained so much insight into her life and just the expansive knowledge she has and the drive that will help her throughout her life and into her career.

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