Week 6- Artist Interview- Alanna Marcelletti

I have to start off by saying- HOW CUTE IS HER BABY BUMP. At first, I saw her art and loved it, then I saw her and I loved everything even more. She was so approachable and so cute with her not-so-little pregnant belly. 

She discussed with us students that her art was truly about the conversations between lightness and darkness and how you hd to have one in order to appreciate or notice the other (which I thought was beautiful). She was also speaking of how she knew and was ok with the fact that Gavin. A baby would change her mentally and artistically. She said she probably would change her use of materials and her use of colors. 

I loved how Alanna was talking about one particular piece in the corner of the gallery and she said that it was about a book and changing pages in a book. She said that no story could be complete without the contrast of highs and lows. I asked her how she created her art. Whether she had a distinct image of what she wanted to create or whether she went with the flow more so. She said that it was more of a combination, that she had an image in her head and then once she started creating it the image would evolve and change until she came to a conclusion which was her final product. 

I was surprised by the fact that Alanna had very big art pieces and also very small ones. I generally think that arts prefer one over another and stick to their preference. When I asked her about it she said that she did both dependin on why kind of story she wanted to tell. If it was a more general piece she would make it smaller, if the story was more in depth with more detail she would make it larger. I absolutely loved being able to speak with her and I hope to see the art she makes after she has her baby girl. 


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