Week 6- Activity- Yarn Bombing

The first image is in the FA2. I loved it because it was so intricate and so very detailed. All the different colored glasses that were in it and chopped up and put together like a mosaic. My mom is really into making mosaic art pieces with cut up glass and that reminded me of her, which always provides with happy thoughts. 

For this activity I reached way into my past when I was an avid knitter and crochet-er, bought some knitting needles, and some fire truck red yarn. I had to look up on YouTube how to knit just to refresh my memory, but once those needles started moving it came back to me so easily. I also looked up how to make a little bow that I could fasten to a tree in my friends front yard at her parent’s house in Signal Hill. I decided to do it there because it is a residential place and I felt VERY uncomfortable yarn bombing somewhere else. It probably took me about four hours to complete the bow and fasten it to the tree but the time I spent wasn’t wasted because I got SO MANY compliments on it. Just like in the video we watched in class on Tuesday, it brought so many smiles to people’s faces. 

I was much more comfortable doing this sort of public art than the graffiti partially and probably because “tagging” has a very negative and criminal attitude towards it. When I was in elementary and middle school I was called a goodie two shoe and never did anything that could possibly get me in trouble, that mentality has carried with me and I still fear punishment. 

I remember last year noticing weird yarn things on light posts on campus and was so confused and never really took the time to appreciate what it was. Now that I know it’s an art form and have actually yarn bombed something- I have much more respect for the yarn bombers of the world. 


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