Week 5- Classmate Interivew- Steevie Nabors


This Thursday, I had the amazing opportunity to meet Steevie Nabors and talk to her about a lot of different things. I learned that she is a Delta Delta Delta and she rushed in the Fall of 2012. Steevie is a Junior at CSULB and is in the nursing program. she noted that she is working very hard in the program so she can go to a nursing school in Loma Linda.

When talking to Steevie about what I was majoring in and what I wanted to do with my life, I learned that she worked with a “Special Buddies” program in high school where she worked one on one with students with special needs. I loved that I could tell just from talking to her how big of a heart she had and how motivated she was to achieve her goals. In her life, she really wants to move away form Huntington, where she was born and raised, and she wants to travel and help people by being a nurse.

Steevie and I had very similar views on Greek life. We both feel as if we had gotten a lot out of what our individual chapters gave to us, however we both felt the same about the false view that TV shows give the Greek Life idea. We both mentioned that it wasn’t like the movies at all, and most often people don’t realize how much community service and volunteer work we do for our philanthropy’s. Steevie is a fantastic human being, and she will do great things in this world.

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