Week 4- Classmate Interview- Taneshia Warren


I first met Taneshia last year at one of my best friend’s birthday dinners. Taneshia was really good friends with my friend’s roommate and her and I only occasionally saw each other last year. The first week of classes I went up to Taneshia and said, “Ok, this is really awkward but you’re friends with Maddy right?” I didn’t know if she would remember me from those few encounters and she said back to me, “OMG yes, Alayna right?” since then we have planned on interviewing each other and have kept in touch.

Taneshia is originally from New York, and she moved to California when she was five because her grandma got a new job here in the great CA. She has lived in Cali practically all of her life. Taneshia likes to draw, listen to music, and hang out with her friends. Her favorite place to go is the beach, and she thinks the best one around here is Huntington Beach. She also loves to decorate things or just putting together anything with a color palette. (She always is dressed cute).  She is the middle child and has two brothers, one younger, one older. She confided in me that she is closest to her older brother out of anyone in her family.

I loved having the opportunity in talking to this amazing young woman. She has such a strong sense of who she is and I know that she will do some amazing things in life. I know that because of this class we have reconnected and I am so grateful for that!


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