Week 4- Artist Interview- Makaila Palmer

IMG_0529 IMG_0528 IMG_0527 This week I was fortunate enough to be able to talk to Makaila Palmer- an amazing oil on canvas artist. At first when she started talking to me I thought she was another student, and then she started asking me about the class- and I began to wonder why another student was asking me. I then concluded that she was an exhibiting artist and then she started telling me about her artwork and what it means to her. I learned that Makaila studied abroad last semester in Florence, Italy and that every one of her pieces somehow represented a memory of a landscape. Makaila told me that she created memoryscapes and I had no idea what that meant- here is what I found: “a rendition of something from memory”. I also understood that the foundation of the painting is facts and then added on top is someone’s interpretation of  a memory plus extra little – and in this  case a landscape based on a photograph.

Makaila explained to myself and the other Art 110 students that if you look closely at each painting, you could see little resemblances of euros- each painting included colors and other representations of the European monetary system. I loved Makaila’s artwork because it was not only aesthetically pleasing but it also had a relatable deeper meaning. Art, to me, is very hard to appreciate when it is just random lines and figures or symbols, and I really like when I can connect with a piece. Makaila has inspired me to travel and see the sites especially in Florence, where I could hopefully recognize some sights from her exhibit.


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