Week 3- Classmate Interview- Lacey Alaniz

Lacey Alaniz is from Huntington Beach, California, born and raised. She lives in the Los Alamitos residence hall and it is her first year here at LBSU. Lacey was a History major but changed to marketing because she realize it didn’t interest her that much. Lacey has one sibling, a little sister who is 13 and in the eighth grade. Just like me and my brother who are about four years apart. Lacey is not in a sorority but is thinking about going through recruitment in the fall (which I think is a great idea).

Two main things that are important to Lacey are being SUCCESSFUL and having a FAMILY (later on she mentions, much later on). It was clear when talking to Lacey that she is a very driven person who won’t give up until she reaches her goal. Just like me, she is obsessed with Netflix and we learned that we have watched a lot of similar shows, like 90210, Gossip Girl and Grey’s Anatomy. Lacey used to play Field hockey in high school and volunteers her time to help with the high school team still in her free time.

Just like most people who are around the beach their whole life, Lacey hates the beach. I personally love the beach because I am so new to it, but Lacey is like my boyfriend is with the beach, neither of them find the beauty and relaxation in it that I do. In contrast to Lacey’s dislike, her Dad is a surfer. I can tell that she and her family are very outgoing and adventurous because she mentioned that her family had a House in Arizona where they go tubing and wake boarding on the lake which I also used to do in my hometown. I found that Lacey and I have a lot of similarities apart from hobbies but we actually enjoy the same music. She really enjoys Lana del Rey, just like I do, and she suggested that I search Ska in YouTube to see if I liked that too.

Looking back on the interview, I realized that Lacey is a lot like all of my friends from my hometown and like my friends that I have made here in Long Beach, too. She is a very genuine person with an outgoing personality, and I can tell that she will be unstoppable in the Marketing field.



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