Week 3- Artist Interview- Josh Benz


When I first arrived at the SOA galleries, I was immediately drawn to this gallery. I loved how colorful and random (in my eyes) that all of the art pieces were. I was really looking forward to speaking with the artist of this particular piece, but unfortunately Tidawhitney Lek was not present so I wandered over to another gallery, the Werby gallery, and was equally enticed by the paintings and drawings.

IMG_0419 IMG_0420

Immediately I noticed how real the images looked but I also noticed that they had an interesting twist on reality. When listening to the artist, Josh Benz, he said that he liked to use humor while creating art and making things more figurative and imaginative than straight to the point and copying real life images. Although this wasn’t my first choice to write about, I was glad that it worked out the way it did because it was very interesting listening to what he had to say. He was so polite and soft-spoken I could only draw that he used art as an outlet in which to express himself. The painting on the left (above) almost reminded me of a “selfie” that was turned into a drawing and I thought that was very interesting. It is crazy to me how people can create this art and have it come out so well, when I can’t even draw a stick figure- I am always so astounded at what people can come up with.


From this angle, Josh just looks like any other person, but if I had taken the picture from a different point of view you would be able to see that there were at least 20 students surrounding him. All the students, you could tell, were so interested in what he had to say and were all so enticed by his process and how he explained everything. I love how casual Josh was and his presence just welcomed people to come and talk and listen and just converse back and forth. It was really a privilege to listen to Josh and get to see two of his amazing art pieces.


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