Week 3- Activity- Social Photography

IMG_0424 IMG_0425 IMG_0261 IMG_0422-2

These four photos were the “Social Photography” pictures that I posted to the instagram with the username “alaynazoellin”. I chose to post these particular four pictures because it had something to do with what I was doing or thinking about right at that moment. The first picture is an image of the CSULB Student Wellness and Recreation Center and I posted it because I was on my way to go workout and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to post about something I was currently doing, something that was happening in my life that maybe other people could relate to. The second image is the logo of where I work. I work at American Gymnastics Academy and I had work later in the day. The third picture is of a past basketball game and I posted this on my Instagram because I knew that this weekend I would go to the basketball game and I figured I would show some school spirit. (P.S. at the game on Saturday my sorority won a flat screen TV!) The last picture shown above was just something I thought looked nice on campus. I think a lot of us take for granted what we have available to us on this campus- even just the small pretty places.

I found that social media is very up to date with the happenings of everyday life. Nearly every post I saw that was associated with #art110s15 was about what the particular user was doing at that moment or what they were planning no doing. I noticed a lot of people posted about the SOA galleries and the classmates they had interviewed that day, and other posted selfies with their food. I noticed a fad about posting pictures of food, not just in this activity but in general life as well. And that led me to wonder why we post pictures? I thought pictures was about capturing a moment to save forever because memories fade. But now people are posting pictures for reassurance that they look good or that they are pretty and fit. I think that taking selfies is petty (even though I do it too) and that Social Photography is definitely a normal thing now. I know a 7 year old who has a snapchat and an Instagram- I didn’t even have a phone ’till I was 12.

One thing that I liked when I looked through all of the photos associated with #art110s15 was that nobody really seemed too into themselves and the were posting pictures that would contribute positively to the hashtag- not something for their own personal benefit. This was a very interesting activity and I realized things about Social Photography that I never would have even thought about.


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