Week 2- Activity- Painting

For this weeks activity we were asked to do two things, 1. write our names in bubble letters and 2. to spray paint our names in bubble letters. I found that it was much easier for me to write my name in the letters than paint it and I was much happier with the outcome of the written bubble letters than the painted letters. Writing the bubble letters was more comfortable with me because if I didn’t like the way it looked I could easily erase the pencil I used than the paint that wouldn’t change. I didn’t like that I had to free hand and completely just go for it with the paint, and it was much harder than I expected. I give major props to those artists who can create such beautiful murals and art pieces on the giant walls or under bridges because I could hardly write my name, something I have been doing for 15+ years. I haven’t ever used spray paint before and I think that I have learned that I probably shouldn’t take that up as my hobby- I should leave it to the professionals.

IMG_0362 IMG_0364

On the left, I have my pencil outline of the bubble letters and on the right i have the sharpie-d, finished product. I was fairly happy with how these turned out but I realized that I think I should have made the letters much closer together as the artist in the video had. So I redid my name in bubble letters and I created it right under the original finished product for comparison.

IMG_0365I think that this is a skill that many people could easily possess with practice- spray painting on the other hand turned out terribly for me!

IMG_0372This picture is my first attempt at tagging my name in bubble letters and I was literally horrified. I didn’t want to look at it- I was utterly disgusted and wanted to trash it right away, so I tried again and I think it turned out a little better. IMG_0373

I like my use of color a lot more and that I used the lighter blue in the background to contrast the dark blue of the bubble letters. Even though this one turned out better than the first- I am still going to leave this to the pros in the future.


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