Week 2- Classmate Interview- Summer Morgan

What drew me to Summer was her positive energy that was evident just by standing next to her listening to one of the artists. I am usually one to shy away from introducing myself to new people and starting a conversation is usually not even on my mind- but when I saw Summer I could tell that she would be very personable and sweet. While talking to her and getting to know a little bit about her I learned that one of my really good friends Tanner is from her home town! I never would have known that or made a personal connection with that if I didn’t go up to her, introduce myself and ask to do the classmate interview with her. The energy she gave off which I thought would make her personable was absolutely right. I learned that she is home-body who dearly misses her three siblings. Talking to Summer, I could tell how passionate she was about helping people less fortunate and just being a good person in general.

In this classmate interview that only lasted about ten minutes I learned so much about another person and actually realized a lot about myself. I noticed a lot of things that Summer described herself as, resembled many things that I would say about myself. I also care a lot about others and her talking about her siblings and what she wants to do with her major made me so happy because she just got the biggest smile on her face. It was obvious to me that she was very genuine and not at all deceiving me. I learned about myself also by the topics I brought up to talk about. I found that I was very hesitant at first, as many are, but then once Summer and I started to feel more comfortable we started talking about things like being homesick and wanting to visit home but refraining from doing so, things you usually don’t talk about with people you just meet.

The great thing about interviewing Summer is that now I have a friend in the class and don’t have to be completely anti-social!



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