Week 2- Artist Interview- Maccabee Shelley

This week for the artist interview I had the pleasure of listening to and conversing with artist Maccabee Shelley. His work was exhibited in the Gatov galleries, both the west and the east galleries. It was really a great thing that he was able to come into class on Tuesday and was able to speak a little bit about how he created his art and what it was made of but also that the class was able to all listen to him on Thursday. It was more personal with Mac than the other artists in my opinion because we already somewhat knew him. Mac explained to us that he used “No Redemption Value” glass pieces or bottles that he mostly gathered from the “recycling” center on campus. It was really cool to me that he was able to collect something for virtually free and was able to create art from it.

IMG_0342This piece was my absolute favorite of the show and it was actually the last one I saw before I began my classmate interview- it was my favorite because of how it sparkles and is so shiny- which seems like something so vain. I love in this art piece how there are many different colors included but that there is much more light color than the blues and the greens because the light makes the bright colors stand out.

IMG_0337IMG_0332This piece was also one of my favorites of the collection because it almost reminded me of a picture I have seen before of a mouth with words spilling or flowing out of it. I loved the different colors in the piece and the pink in it. This particular piece was hollow and fairly tall as opposed to some of Mac’s other pieces, I also loved how it was almost melting down the sides of the platform it was on.

Overall I really enjoyed visiting the Gatov galleries and seeing all of Mac’s handwork on display!


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