Week 1- Activity- Art, Culture, and Technology

What is art? Personally I believe that art cannot truly be described in words and have one definition. Art is different to different people. Art can be a feeling, a piece of artwork, or a dance performance. As a dancer, I believe that what I do is art, not a visual art but a performing art. It can be a creative way somebody can express their feelings or maybe it is just an outlet they feel comfortable expressing things through. Some people think that art is simply drawings, paintings, or sculptures, while some believe that there is a much deeper meaning. The art world is not black and white, there are multiple shades, textures, and manners.

What is culture? I think of culture as the environment that one is brought up in and encompasses belief, tradition and customs that society takes value to. Often times when someone says that somebody is cultured, it is because that person has seen and been in many different environments. It almost seems that being cultured, is being open-minded and not judgmental. Being cultured in this day and age is very important because somebody is most likely not just one race,  they are a mix of many from their ancestors and because of that they must become accustomed to and be open to change and they will become cultured.

What is technology? The advancement of tools used in our everyday lives that are meant to make life and or procedures simpler. In the 21st century, basically every teenager is addicted to technology and the social media applications that are available to them via the internet. It can be argued that the internet and the use of text messaging is technology based on my personal definition.


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